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Requirements to be met to qualify to host a System 7 Workshop in your Area
1) Must agree to fully embrace and support the OTG Code of Conduct
2) Must agree to fully embrace and support The TEAMWORK Principles of System 7 (Duplication, Edification, Respecting Crosslines, Coaching)
3) Must agree to adhere 100% to the Schedule and Curriculum on the System 7 Workshop Outline as well as the published day for the System 7 Workshop
4) This application must be received 3 weeks prior to the next scheduled System 7 Workshop
5) Must have organized your Area Leadership Council
a. Must have elected your Super Chair for your Area Leadership Council and notified OTG
b. Must have elected your Chairs for the Logistics, Promotion and Finance Committees (See “How to Organize an Area Leadership Council” document on
c. Must have staffed your 3 committees with at least 5 committee members each
6) The Organizer must be at least a Ruby 10 (A Ruby Executive with at least 10 Breakaway Executives in their organization
7) The upline Team Elite or Blue Diamond must commit to be in attendance at your 1st System 7 Workshop
8) Your Area Leadership Council must have purchased the 2 stand up System 7 WorkshopBanners and directional signs from OTG ensuring System 7 Workshops are Branded the same everywhere.
9) You must have a sufficient quantity of 120 Day Ruby Plan Journals and Fast Start Packages on hand for purchase by those attending your System 7 Workshop
10) You must agree to not offer for sale any other items at your System 7 Workshopother than NSE approved and OTG sanctioned sales aids
11) You must have an approved bank account to receive funds from OTG for your System 7 Workshopregistration account each month
12) You must have Final approval from the CORE TEAM. If you are approved the approval will be given at least 2 weeks before your targeted System 7 Workshop event.
13) Each Assigned speaker must have completed the Train the Trainers audio training call for their assigned topic in the System 7 Workshop 1 week prior to the System 7 Workshop Event
14) The Area Leadership Council for your area must agree to hold your System 7 Workshop on the same day and time as all other System 7 Workshops continent-wide
15) The Super Chair and Committee Chairs MUST physically attend a System 7 Workshop in person BEFORE approval will be given to host your own System 7 Workshop in your area
16) OTG will retain control of the registration attendees contact details. Only the first and last name will be provided to the local Area Leadership Council
17) The Area Leadership Council and all Committee Chairs must agree to fulfill all the requirements listed on the Organizational Document relating to their Committee assignments
I certify that I meet all of the requirements and qualify to host a Workshop in the location I requested. I also agree to host this Workshop in accordance with the outline and follow the instructions described above.
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